The X500 SwimCross Exercise System is here to redefine your concept of aquatic bliss. These swim spas offer a stunning combination of high-end fitness and blissful relaxation, contributing to a unit that will help transform your lifestyle for the better.

While it may be a fitness-focused machine, the X500 can also place you in the lap of luxury, thanks to the presence of dedicated hydromassage seating at the far end of the machine. This is also a particularly compact form of opulence - taking up just 10 square metres of space, the X500 is designed to fit in more Canberra backyards. Add a touch of aquatic luxury to your home, and invest in both your mental and physical wellbeing. Contact us for details now, or read more about how the X500 can help you create the life you want below.


5 Adults


457 x 226 x 127 cm


6,250 litres litres

Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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A Perfect Swimming Experience

Imagine getting to enjoy the health benefits of swimming at home without the need for a full length pool dominating your backyard. The X500 allows you to get the full swimming experience while using much less space than a traditional lap pool. At only 4.6 metres long, the X500 is the perfect way to train casually or at a professional level at home.

Great for both fitness and fun, the X500 SwimCross Exercise System’s revolutionary endless swim current is powered by four jets, and can be adjusted with five different speeds. No matter who you are, the X500 guarantees a smooth and enjoyable swim with minimal turbulence, so you get the most out of every single stroke.

Explore the World of Aquacise

By combining three large Swim Jets and a River Jet, the X500’s incredibly versatile workout current is very low turbulence, and provides lift as well as resistance, helping you swim for longer. 

Not only can you adjust the current to match your pace, but you can also use it to engage in a variety of other exercises, such as jogging or rowing. With the addition of a swim tether, there’s a range of fun exercises you can explore that are all low-impact, and great for cardio.

Unwind in Peace

That said, the X500 isn't solely about exercise. Three hydromassage seats are perfectly placed to allow you to unwind after a tough workout session or a long day. Whether you’re warming up, cooling down, or simply indulging in relaxation, 27 jets across the X500 will help you pinpoint any stress or tension and melt it away.

A Visual Masterpiece

Functionality is vital, but we’ve also made sure the X500 is a visual masterpiece, designed to enhance any outdoor space. Featuring a steel-framed cabinet, the X500 radiates elegance while maintaining durability, to ensure it has a long lifespan. Crafted from premium materials, this swim spa doesn’t require excessive maintenance, allowing you to focus on your health and relaxation without distractions.

Product Specs

Type 127cm Swim


457 x 226 x 127

Water Capacity

6,250 litres


1,230 kg (Dry) / 8,280 kg (Filled*)
* Includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kg each

Shell Colour Options

Alpine White or Grey Oak

Cabinet Colour Options

Dark Mocha or Grey Oak

Swim Technology

5 Swim Jets - Max 1,200 Litres Per Minutes

Swim Power

2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque - Dual Speed Pump

Hydromassage Seats

3 Seats

Hydromassage Jets

27 - 1 Large Jet, 2 Rotary Jets, 2 Directional Jets, 22 Mini Jets

Hydromassage Jet Pump

2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque - Dual Speed Pump

Control System

LCD Control Panel; 220 - 240v/1 x 24amp & 1 x 32amp, 50Hz

Water Feature

2 Illuminated Waterfalls

Effective Filtration Area


Lighting System

Multi-Colour 15 LED Lights & 13 cm Main Light


2 mm Galvanised Steel Frame

Base Pan

Thermoformed ABS Base Pan


3000 watt / No-Fault Heater

Energy Efficiency

Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law

Stainless Steel Grab Rails

3 Satin Stainless Steel Rails

Music Option

8 Speakers & Subwoofer, Bluetooth® Enabled

Exercise Equipment Options

Swim Tether and Rowing Kit

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options

Watkins Bi-Fold Covers & Lifters or VacuSeal® Cover System

Additional Options

Floor Mirror, Gecko® In.Touch WiFi & Mobile App