The Freeflow Spas® Collection

Welcome to the Freeflow collection, a range of Hot Spring spa pools that effortlessly blend practicality and affordability. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of style and relaxation right in the heart of Canberra with these cost-effective, high-quality spa pools.

The Freeflow range will allow you to easily create the perfect home oasis for melting away the tension of the day, or cherishing special moments with loved ones. 

Exceptional Affordability

We believe everyone deserves a touch of elegance in their home. Our Freeflow Spa Pools are crafted using an ultra-efficient rotational moulding process, which helps cut down on both materials and labour. This makes the Freeflow range affordable to produce, and we pass these savings on to you through very accessible pricing. 

The Freeflow collection of spa pools are also remarkably energy-efficient to run. We’ve achieved this through the use of full foam insulation and thermal covers that are precision engineered to fit perfectly every time. By sealing in as much heat as possible, the pool heater runs less and operational costs 

Explore the Freeflow spa pool range, and discover an affordable way to unwind with your family or friends, enjoying many of the high-end features you’d expect from a Hot Spring product, from ice buckets to underwater lighting.

Simple to Set Up

No more headaches over complex installations. Freeflow Spa Pools are designed to be simple and straightforward to install, eliminating the need for special wiring or professional services. 

Just put your spa pool where it needs to be, use your garden hose to fill it up, and plug it into any conventional 240v outlet (10 amp) to power the 2kw heater. Adjust the temperature to your liking, and after heating up for an hour or two, you'll be enjoying a soothing soak on the very same day you made the purchase. When we say these hot tubs are truly plug and play, we mean it.

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Rugged and Portable

Freeflow Spa Pools are built to last. The rotomoulded unibody shell they use is so strong and hard-wearing it eliminates the need for steel frames, and this makes them both durable and much more lightweight than other spa pools.

That means you can easily relocate a Freeflow pool if you are moving home, want to take it on holiday, need to rework the layout of your outdoor area, or otherwise need to transport it elsewhere. Wherever you go in life, your Freeflow spa is both rugged and portable enough to come with you.

Canberra luxury, minus the high price tag

As Australasia's oldest, most popular and most trusted hot tub brand, Hot Spring is synonymous with quality and innovation. And in our budget-friendly range of Freeflow hot tubs, you get our famous build quality and longevity in a more affordable package. Freeflow hot tubs use a clever roto-moulding technique to create a super strong unibody design that is built to last. These machines are also Plug-N-Play - simply place your tub where you want, plug it into a 240V outlet, fill it up and turn it on! In a Freeflow you can enjoy the perfect antidote for those icy Canberra winters, just steps from your back door.