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While spa baths and hot tubs share some similarities, they’re distinct products that each offer a unique experience. The terms are often mixed up, as they have been used at times to refer to each other, but here, we’ll explain the difference, and how to choose between them. Your choice between the two will depend on your exact desires and requirements for home relaxation.

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Why Buy a Hot Spring Hot Tub?

You’re keen for a toasty, restorative, luxurious oasis in your Canberra backyard. But why choose a Hot Spring? Backed by the world’s largest spa manufacturer, Watkins Wellness, Hot Spring hot tubs are the culmination of over four decades of innovation. Our spas deliver the level of quality our Canberra customers expect, and are built to handle local conditions. Add in the knowledge and experience of our Canberra team, and there’s simply no better addition to your backyard. Here’s what to consider when choosing your Hot Spring:

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Think about how many people you might want to host at once, and how much room you have in your backyard.

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The best spot in your backyard is one that features enough space, stable foundations, and the ability to fill, drain and power the hot tub.

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Beyond providing warmth on a chilly Canberra night, what do you hope to get from your hot tub? Consider the ‘why’ behind your purchase.

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Built to last, while delivering lower power bills and a stunning soaking experience, Hot Spring is synonymous with quality.

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Distinguishing Between Spa Baths and Hot Tubs

At first glance, spa baths and hot tubs may seem similar—they both contain warm water, can provide a soothing hydromassage, and are often both perfect for shared enjoyment. But there are some important differences.


Spa Baths

Spa baths are essentially bathtubs with extra features. The terminology is used to describe bathtubs that are equipped with jets for hydromassage. You’d expect to find these installed indoors, as they use tap water and lack heating systems. They also require filling and draining with each use.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are filled once, and the water is treated to maintain clarity and freshness for extended periods. Equipped with heaters, hot tubs keep the water consistently warm. Additionally, hot tubs boast a wide range of hydromassage jets, surpassing the limited number found in most spa baths.

Hot tubs are usually installed outdoors, and when you choose a Hot Spring hot tub, you unlock a world of features, including automated water care, captivating lighting, enchanting water features and even wireless entertainment systems.

How to Decide

The decision between a spa bath and a Hot Spring hot tub ultimately depends on what you seek from your hydrotherapy experience.

Functionality - A Hot Spring hot tub is more than just a tub with jets—it offers a luxurious, customised hydromassage. A spa bath on the other hand is primarily for hygiene and while it does have jets, they’re not designed for hydrotherapy in the same way hot tub jets are.

Health - Hot Spring customers often report relief from conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines and more. This is due to a combination of the warm water and targeted hydromassage.

Installation - Setting up a Hot Spring hot tub is a breeze. Unlike spa baths, which require permanent installation, our fully portable, self-contained hot tubs can be placed where you desire. 

Disclaimer: Hot Spring Spas are not medical professionals, and the information provided is not a substitute for qualified and personalised medical advice. If you have health concerns, please consult with a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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A spa bath for the outdoors

Is there anything more relaxing than a spa bath? At Hot Spring we say 'yes!' Our range of hot tubs take all that's good about spa baths (the warmth, the luxury, the relaxation), remove the annoyances (having to fill the bath, being stuck in the bathroom), and add so much more (high-end hydromassage, outdoor enjoyment, sharing the experience with family and friends). Imagine enjoying a warm and luxurious soak on an otherwise chilly Canberra evening, under the stars with a drink in hand. A Hot Spring hot tub is everything you love about spa baths, and then some.

Are hot tubs good for your health?

Sure, you could drive three hours to the thermal pools at Yarrangobilly Caves. Or you could place the same health and wellness benefits a few steps from your back door, in your own Hot Spring hot tub.

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Hot tubs widen blood vessels and elevate your heart rate, to send more life-giving blood to the parts of your body that need it.

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Canberra athletes know the importance of recovery. Combining warm water and hydromassage, hot tubs can reduce inflammation and loosen muscles.

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Taking weight off of joints and enhancing mobility, a Hot Spring is an effective way to treat chronic pain, like the symptoms of arthritis.

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Canberrans can lead stressful professional lives. A hot tub is the ideal place to rid yourself of  stress and tension at the end of a busy day.

The Hot Spring® Difference

A bubbling hot tub, set to a perfectly toasty temperature, ready to immerse your body in soothing hydromassage. Is there any better antidote to a chilly Canberra evening? As many residents of Australia’s capital already know, a Hot Spring hot tub can turn your backyard into a year-round oasis – a place that can provide fun and relaxation, health and wellness, and quality time with loved ones.

And there’s no better Canberra hot tub than a Hot Spring. Talk to us today about our Hot Spring Canberra range and let our team find the right hot tub that’s best for you.

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