Hydrotherapy Pools

Imagine enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy right in your own backyard. Melt away stress, relieve chronic pain, and rejuvenate your body and mind whenever you want. 

Hydrotherapy isn’t just a luxury—it's a pathway to recovery, and a way to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing. At Hot Spring Canberra, we're proud to bring the therapeutic wonders of hydromassage therapy to Australia.

What Are Hydrotherapy Pools?

Hydrotherapy pools, also sometimes known as water therapy pools, are designed for a range of water-based therapies. 

These pools are traditionally found in health centres or pool complexes, and occasionally hotels too. 

Our home hydrotherapy pools use a dynamically generated current to deliver a personalised and rejuvenating therapy experience that is similar to these pools you can find in commercial settings.

The Science Behind Hydrotherapy

The concept behind hydrotherapy is very simple and easy to understand: Warm water promotes muscle relaxation, and alleviates joint discomfort. 

On top of that the natural buoyancy of water can take pressure off joints enhancing range of motion and allowing for more activity. Promoting activity in low-impact situations is a fantastic way to manage chronic pain or support injury recovery. 

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The therapeutic advantages of hydromassage are well-established, making it an ideal approach for injury recovery and chronic pain management. 

With a Fastlane Pool, you can access these benefits at home. Whether you seek relief from persistent pain or aim to enhance your overall well-being, a hydrotherapy pool that features an endless current is a great way to support your physical health. You can also add optional exercise accessories like underwater treadmills and aquabikes, which use the water resistance to provide enjoyable ways to stay active and treat pain.

Dimensions and Temperatures

Our home hydrotherapy pools are thoughtfully designed to fit into outdoor spaces while maintaining a compact footprint. The swim-in-place system ensures you never reach the end, and this means the unit can be smaller than many large, commercial hydrotherapy pools, or full size lap pools. Ranging from approximately 3.5m to 6m in length, the Fastlane Pools collection offers versatility in size, so you can find the perfect unit for your available space.

It’s important to maintain the right water temperature for hydrotherapy too, as some pools won’t be hot enough to technically qualify for hydrotherapy. The threshold is usually around 35°C and up, and our swim spas excel in this regard, as they can sustain temperatures of up to 40°C, making them ideal for home hydrotherapy sessions.

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A hydrotherapy pool steps from your door

Hydrotherapy forms an effective treatment for all manner of people: those with chronic conditions like arthritis and back pain, those who are recovering from illness or rehabilitating from injury, and those who are simply less mobile, like the elderly. But while Canberra is home to a sprinkling of hydrotherapy pools, they may be quite a distance away from your home, and can close in the evening and on weekends. So why not place a hydrotherapy pool in your own backyard, steps from your door? With a Fastlane Pools swim spa, you can do exactly that.