Shop Range

Choosing the perfect Hot Spring® hot tub is simple with us—there’s a lot to choose from across the whole range, but by discussing your preferences, available space and budget with us, we can match you with your dream spa. 

Our exceptional range has something for everyone, ensuring you’ll be able to find the ideal spa pool to deliver the exact relaxation and wellness experience you’re after.


If you’re searching for the absolute pinnacle of hot tub excellence, you can’t go past the Hot Spring Highlife collection. Embodying over four decades of ongoing research, development and innovation, these hot tubs are truly unrivalled pieces of design. 

Highlife hot tubs offer the best of Hot Spring’s renowned, precision-engineered hydromassage therapy jets, helping soothe your body and rejuvenate your spirit. These luxurious spa pools also feature automated water care systems, ensuring your spa is always pristine and ready to use with minimal effort on your part.

Finally, Highlife models are leaders in energy-efficiency, so you know you’re getting the best possible running costs, and helping contribute to a greener future. 


Elegance meets exceptional performance in the Limelight Collection. These hot tubs are more than just a spa pool, they're designed for shared enjoyment, acting as social hubs for your outdoor area. With carefully crafted visual appeal, the Limelight Collection features vibrant lighting and wonderful water features to help create a magical atmosphere to relax in.

Limelight spas feature a wide range of hydromassage jets, perfect to help relieve all your tension and stress. Add to that exclusive Hot Spring features designed to make spa ownership a breeze—such as our Silentflo™ circulation system—and you’ll have a spa that’s always ready for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Hot Spot®

The Hot Spot collection offers a remarkable blend of the high-end features found in the Highlife and Limelight models, but packaged in a more affordable range of hot tubs. 

Featuring minimalist, beautiful cabinets, and shells lined with Fibercor™ insulation for superior heat retention, Hot Spot tubs provide true luxury without breaking the bank, making them an excellent choice for value-conscious buyers.

Freeflow Spas®

And for those seeking quality at the most affordable prices, the Freeflow collection delivers. These spa pools make Hot Spring's famous quality more accessible thanks to our innovative roto-moulding techniques. This creates ultra-durable unibody shells that look great, last for years and are light enough to relocate much more easily than other spa pools.

Installing a Freeflow spa is also extremely straightforward with Hot Spring’s Plug-N-Play technology. Simply place it where you want, plug it in, fill it up with your hose and let it heat up!