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Imagine a lap pool where you never have to interrupt your swim with tumble turns. That's exactly what we offer with the magic of the Fastlane Pools swim spa. With a swim spa, you can transform your backyard into a hub of fitness and relaxation, making it a great analogue to the classic lap pool, but with a few added benefits.

Lap Pools vs. Fastlane Swim Spas

Conventional lap pools are designed to help you swim laps for fitness without taking as much space or using as much water as a full size pool with lanes, often about 15m long, and 2m to 3m wide. They also typically lack the elements some swimming pools have for fun or relaxation, as they’re focused on exercise. In contrast, a Fastlane Pools swim spa measures just over 2m in width and varies in length, falling between 3.7m to 6.1m based on which model you choose.

Fastlane swim spas also allow you to relax with the classic features of a spa pool, such as a rejuvenating hydrotherapy massage. Many of the swim spas in the Fastlane range feature a separate spa pool section, creating a combination with an incredible amount of versatility and functionality.

Accurate Swim-in-place Experience

Fastlane Pools swim spas are a new revolution in pool design. We've taken the conventional lap pool and scaled it down into a space-efficient, cost-effective unit that offers an incredible endless swimming experience.

What makes them so small? The secret lies in our swim-in-place technology. We've equipped our swim spas with a powerful jet system at one end that creates a smooth, adjustable current. This current is designed to be wider than your body and deeper than the stroke of your arm, making it feel just like swimming in open water, only better.

Rather than interrupting your rhythm with tumble turns, Fastlane Pools swim spas create a laminar current that translates into a never-ending swimming experience. Just set your ideal  speed, and you'll never reach the end.

A More Efficient Choice

This innovative swim-in-place technology has made swim spas a preferred option for many swimmers looking to train at home, and with adjustable speeds, they can easily cater to anyone, regardless of fitness level. For those with chronic pain or limited mobility, swim spas provide a perfect way to stay active with a low impact exercise, great for relief and rehabilitation. 

Overall, a Fastlane Pools swim spa is a much more cost-effective installation than a full lap pool, for a few reasons. 

Easy to install: Our units are self-contained, whereas traditional lap pools are likely to require earthworks as they tend to be in-ground. 

Cheaper to run: The smaller size of a swim spa makes them more economical in terms of water, power, and chemical use. 

Straightforward maintenance: Our swim spas are equipped with smart water systems that make them fantastic at looking after themselves. They’re also easier to cover when not in use, making them even more low-maintenance.

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Less space, more fun: lap pools reimagined

There's a reason why dedicated lap pools are the ultimate symbol of backyard opulence: they're large, they're expensive, and in truth, they aren't that functional. Unless, that is, you choose a machine that represents the evolution of a lap pool - one that fits in more Canberra backyards, stays perfectly warm all year round, and offers not just an endless, tumble turn-free swim, but hydromassage, fun, and a wealth of other fitness too: a Fastlane Pools swim spa.

Fastlane Pools swim spas feature a powerful hydraulic propulsion system that creates a current for you to swim against. The resulting swim-in-place experience is as incredible as it is endless - you can set the current to your ideal speed, and when you close your eyes you'll swear that you're swimming in the open waters of Lake Burley Griffin. You'll also enjoy access to dedicated hydromassage seating and a wealth of other water-based fitness, in a unit that takes up just 8-14m² of space!