Swim Spas

Discover the future of aquatic fitness with Hot Spring's remarkable Swim Spas. These innovative pools offer an endless swim-in-place experience, without taking up much space. They have a compact exterior that spans just a few metres, but create an internal current that allows you to swim endlessly. Fastlane Pools swim spas redefine what’s possible when it comes to home exercise and hydrotherapy, creating an oasis of mental and physical well-being in your own backyard.

The Legacy of the Swim Spa

Hot Spring Spas Canberra have worked hard to earn the trust of Australasia over the last four decades, doing everything possible to ensure we always deliver The Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience™. Backed by this legacy of quality, we introduced the Fastlane Pools range back in 2019, and it has since taken Canberra by storm. 

The term 'Endless Pools' is well known, and serves as the brand name used by Fastlane in other markets overseas. This means if you’ve heard people talking about an “endless pool”, chances are it’s the same thing that Fastlane Pools offer here in Canberra.

What’s in our collections?

At Hot Spring, we have three collections of Fastlane Pools swim spas for you to browse, each one catering to different aims and budget sizes.

  • R-Series: These are entry-level swim spas, offering an excellent aquatic fitness experience at a lower price point.
  • X-Series: Balanced and well-rounded, this collection suits people who are looking for a versatile option. They are medium sized, priced, and have a carefully curated mix of features.
  • E-Series: The absolute best of the best across our swim spa experiences, delivering all our ultimate features. Ideal for those looking for the most luxurious option.

Fastlane pools swim spa benefits

Opting for a Fastlane Pools swim spa is an easy decision when you consider the exceptional benefits.

  • Perfect swimming experience: The finest swim-in-place experience out there, featuring a smooth, deep, wide, and fully adjustable current. You can also harness the powerful current system to run, cycle, or row endlessly with several optional additions, such as underwater treadmills.
  • Trustworthy craftsmanship: With a history of over four decades, you can trust the oldest and most experienced hot tub brand in Australasia.
  • Fantastic hydrotherapy: Improve your mobility, recover from injuries faster, and manage chronic pain. Enjoy the soothing effects of high-end hydromassage and dedicated spa pool seating.
  • Better mental wellbeing: Whether you seek relaxation, quality family time, or fun with your friends, feel your stress fade away in a Fastlane Pools swim spa.
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Ready to dive in?

We take pride in making your ownership experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. To show our commitment to this idea, our swim spas include unconditional warranties, easy to find parts, and an exceptional white-glove delivery and installation service. 

Because we want you to be able to focus on relaxation, it’s important to us to ensure you’ve got the proper support to help you maintain your swim spa after purchase. When choose us, you're also choosing a dedicated network of local Australian-owned and operated businesses. This network is there for you from day one, so you don’t need to spend any time finding experts to help maintain your pool.

For further queries or expert guidance on finding the best swim spa for you, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team today.