The Highlife® Collection


Introducing the Sovereign, the crown jewel of Hot Spring's prestigious Highlife Collection. Backed by four decades of expertise in crafting enduring and exceptional spa pools, it's no wonder that the Sovereign is singularly the most sold spa model of any spa brand in the world.

While the Sovereign's five square metre footprint makes it compact enough to fit in most Canberra backyards, this hot tub feels sprawling as soon as you step inside. Six sumptuous seats are spread around the circumference of the tub, including a full-length lounge featuring the Moto-Massage DX, a revolutionary jet that moves up and down the spine. Experience the epitome of spa luxury with the Sovereign by Hot Spring. It's more than a spa—it's a regal retreat where innovation meets relaxation, offering you the sanctuary you deserve.


5 Adults


203 x 236 x 84 cm


1,250 litres



Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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Royal Aesthetics

Incorporating both modern and contemporary design elements, the Sovereign lives up to its regal name, acting as a distinguished centrepiece for your outdoor sanctuary. It also offers a range of customisable cabinet and shell colours, so it can effortlessly complement your aesthetic vision.

The Best in Comfort

The Sovereign is the perfect luxurious oasis, providing supreme comfort for up to six adults. Its rectangular shape distinguishes it from the rest of our range, making it the ideal choice for cosier outdoor spaces. 

This unique design strikes the perfect balance between seating capacity and footprint size, ensuring you can make the most of your outdoor retreat.

Fun for All

Whether you're hosting a large gathering or enjoying an intimate evening, the Sovereign spa pool promises an extraordinary experience for all. Each seat boasts its own set of controllable jets and the lavish interior offers ample room for everyone to bask in relaxation together, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Remarkable Innovations

The spa features our exclusive Moto-Massage® DX jets, designed to work wonders on your back, while the directional precision jet cluster tends to your legs.

Beneath the sleek exterior, the Sovereign is equipped with a plethora of our most advanced systems, designed to simplify your ownership experience. For example, with the addition of the FreshWater™ Salt System this can keep your spa water soft and pristine with minimal work on your part. Just replace the cartridge three times a year and you’ll have incredible quality spa water any time you want it.

Optional Extras

You can also tailor your Sovereign spa pool to your unique desires. Our wireless entertainment systems let you enjoy your favourite music while unwinding, or you can explore the various side enhancements like steps and cover lifters. Or, with the optional CoolZone™ System, you can transform your spa into a refreshing cold pool, perfect for beating the summer heat.

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

5 adults


203 x 236 x 84 cm

Water Capacity

1,250 litres


270 kg dry
1,920 kg filled*

Lighting System

Luminescence™ multi-colour four-zone

Entertainment Systems


Wireless Bluetooth® Sound System (Optional)

Jet Count


Hot Tub Jets

32 Personalised-Control Jets

  • Moto-Massage® Lounge
  • Soothing Stream™ Seat
  • Precision™ Jet Seat
  • Hydromassage Seat

Control System

IQ 2020™ with wireless remote control


230v / 10amp / 50Hz Other configurations**


Titanium No-Fault™

Jet Pump 1

Wavemaster™ 9200
2.5 HP Continuous Duty
5.2 HP Breakdown Torque

Circulation Pump

SilentFlo 5000® for quiet continuous filtration

Water Carte Options

FreshWater™ Salt System included for best spa water possible with less effort 

Effective Filtration Area

18m2, top loading Tri-X™ filters

100% no-bypass filtration

Polyester Cover Colours

Black, Grey, Shadow or Storm

Cover Lifters (Optional)

CoverCradle™ II
Lift'n Glide™

* Includes water and 5 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances