R Series

Welcome to the Hot Spring R-Series—a collection of endless swim spas that offer the finest in relaxation, aquatic fitness, and luxury entertainment. If you’re looking for market leading hydrotherapy, and dependable at-home aquatic fitness, the RecSport™ Recreation Systems by Fastlane Pools® could be perfect for you.

Redefine your lifestyle today with this collection of innovative, premium swim spa technology.

Accurate Swim-in-Place Experience

Immerse yourself in the best swim-in-place experience available, accurately replicating the feel of open water swimming thanks to three airless jets. The endless swimming experience the R-Series comes equipped with has customizable speed settings, and also produces a current that’s not only strong, but even and turbulence-free. 

Whether you're a professional swimmer seeking an invigorating workout, a casual swimmer looking to blow off some steam at home, or you’re interested in low impact exercise for joint pain or injury rehab, the R-Series will work for you.

Indulge in Hydrotherapy

The R-series units come with dedicated spa seating and a reef area perfect for family fun with the kids. This makes them great additions to your home, not just for your physical health, but also to support your mental wellbeing. 

Precision-engineered jets will effortlessly target specific muscle groups to melt away the tension of the day, or offer a soothing cool-down after a workout. 

Timeless Design, Premium Durability

The R-Series come with exterior cabinets that have been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, combining durability with premium aesthetics. Featuring sleek embossed patterns, and your choice of finish, these spa pools can beautifully and seamlessly integrate into any outdoor area. They’ll be a perfect fit no matter where you want to place them, from gardens or courtyards to terraces, or even alpine cabins. 

Incredible Atmosphere

Take your relaxation to the next level and create the perfect atmosphere to unwind in with our optional entertainment features, such as an integrated Bluetooth sound system. Whether you want to entertain friends or set the mood for some solo stargazing, you’ll be able to craft the ambiance to your liking.

Extremely Efficient

The revolutionary CD Ozone water management system will allow you to enjoy fresh clean water year round with minimal effort, giving you more time to kick back and relax, or get in those swimming sessions.

Our R-Series Spa Pools also exemplify our commitment to sustainable efficiency via the  Tri-Thermic Barrier System. This advanced insulation method retains heat extremely effectively, meaning the R-Series can greatly reduce energy consumption.