The Hot Spot® Collection

Introducing the Hot Spot collection by Hot Spring, where luxury meets affordability. These spa pools are designed to cater to any budget, while still delivering the quality and features you’d expect from our most premium and luxurious Hot Spring spa pool. Explore the unique features of the Hot Spot collection below and find out how you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience without breaking the bank.

Design Meets Affordability

The Hot Spot collection effortlessly combines stunning design with outstanding value. With minimalist panelling, contoured shells and modern metallic corners, these spa pools have a sophisticated aesthetic without compromising on durability. With the Hot Spot range, you have the freedom to create the ideal spa pool to complement your outdoor space.

An Investment in You and Your Home

Investing in a Hot Spot spa isn’t just about adding a luxurious amenity to your home, it can also be an investment in your well-being and in your home. Built to last, our spas are a long-term benefit to your relaxation and comfort. They’re designed to look great and perform flawlessly for years, enhancing your home, your lifestyle and your personal health.

Tailored Hydromassage

The Hot Spot® collection is meticulously crafted to provide what you want most from any spa pool: Targeted relief and relaxation. Purpose-built jets are strategically positioned to massage key areas of your body, from your feet and calves to your neck and shoulders. 

The collection also gives you the power to customise your experience by adjusting jet pressure to your exact preference, ensuring every soak is perfect every time.

Effortless Water Care

Experience fresher water for longer while also reducing your running costs thanks to our SilentFlo® circulation system. This clever system circulates water 24/7, using less power than an average light bulb to keep your water warm and put less pressure on the heater.

Integrated into the shell, the bromine-based FROG® system also helps keep your water fresh and clean, reducing the need for harsh chemical treatments and minimising maintenance. 

Unbeatable Energy Efficiency

Hot Spring is renowned for producing energy-efficient spa pools, and the Hot Spot collection is no exception. With operating costs as low as $1* a day, you can enjoy the benefits of a spa without energy concerns. Our spas are backed by independent testing, so you can be sure of optimal performance while minimising energy consumption.

*Local rates may affect daily operating costs.

The ACT's most value-packed hot tubs

Imagine enjoying your very own Canberra microclimate. A place where the city's changeable weather, from icy winter mornings to hot summer afternoons, simply doesn't matter. The Hot Spot collection is designed to bring the joy of hot tub ownership to the masses, in a machine that looks great, feels even better, and offers unmatched value for money. From the minimalist exterior to the stunning hydromassage offered by the Moto-Massage - the world's first moving hydromassage jet - this range of spas grants you access to a number of high-end features, and Hot Spring's famous build quality, at an incredible price.