Fastlane Pro

Interested in an endless swimming experience, but already own a swimming pool? With the Fastlane Pro, you can transform your existing pool into an extraordinary aquatic fitness haven that can offer endless laps and hours of family enjoyment. For getting the most out of your swimming pool, the Fastlane Pro is your ultimate addition.

What it Offers

The Fastlane Pro operates by generating a reliable current for you to swim against. You can add this to any pool that’s not quite long enough for laps, saving you from needing to invest in a costly extension. 

The current generated by the Fastlane Pro is unique in that it’s laminar—balanced perfectly for both resistance and buoyancy. This helps create a swim-in-place experience that’s very accurate to swimming in open water, as it lifts you up and helps keep your stroke consistent. It also won’t create distracting turbulence, so you can find the perfect rhythm to swim at your leisure.

Custom-Designed Propeller

Unlike traditional endless swimming jets, Fastlane Pools' dedicated swimming currents use airless jets to make them turbulence-free. Because the Fastlane Pro is an addition to an existing pool, it can’t replicate this technology exactly. Instead, we’ve found a clever solution to deliver the same experience without any jets at all.

The Fastlane Pro combines a custom designed propeller with a system of channelling vents to direct the current, and create exceptional, seamless resistance to swim against.

Safe and Adaptable

The Fastlane Pro uses a remote hydraulic power unit, and this ensures all the electrical components of the system are kept a safe distance away from the pool, no matter how it’s laid out. 

This way, you have total control of the current speed, and you can also easily integrate the Fastlane Pro into a range of pool types—in-ground, above-ground, fibreglass, or concrete.

For best results, we always recommend that your existing pool should be a minimum width of 2m, and a minimum length of 3m. This helps make the swimming experience as safe and comfortable as possible. In terms of depth, the exact measurements can vary a little more depending on your stroke, but in general the Fastlane Pro will fit any pool at least 99 centimetres deep.

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Make your pool infinitely long

Canberra pool owners know the pleasure of having a place to swim whenever they feel like it. But many also know the inconvenience of having to tumble turn after just a few strokes - rhythm is broken, speed is wiped off, and the general annoyance can make your workout more brief than it would've otherwise been. But by adding a Fastlane Pro to your pool, you create a deep, wide and fully adjustable current that you can swim against 'til the cows come home, without ever having to turn around. Featuring powerful current generation technology, the Fastlane Pro turns your backyard pool into an endless body of water, ripe for a swim.