The Limelight® Collection

For more than four decades, we've championed quality and care, aiming to create the Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience, and the pools in the Limelight collection are a testament to our best efforts. 

Each of these hot tubs are a contemporary masterpiece of luxury relaxation, designed to enrich your lifestyle, giving you a serene, tranquil place to unwind, right in your own Canberra backyard.

Stunning Aesthetics

The Limelight collection has been crafted from square one to make a statement. IF you’re looking for a centrepiece that will wow your friends and family, the Limelight collection is the perfect place to start. 

Inspired by the design ethos of European minimalism, these hot tubs have been designed with clean, organic lines in the cabinetry, to create a look that delivers modern style with a timeless feel.

The Limelight range also comes equipped with captivating lighting and scintillating water features systems, to truly turn your backyard into a work of art. 

Maximum Heat Retention

Our FiberCor™ insulation is standard across many of our best units, including those in the Limelight collection. Unlike many other insulation materials, FiberCor™ is a wool-like fibre that more effectively fills space inside the cabinet body than conventional insulation. It's four times denser, resists both mould and mildew, and is made from up to 25% recycled materials, while also being recyclable itself. This makes it extraordinarily eco-friendly, and excellent at cutting down on power usage—you’ll pay less in the long run by mitigating energy costs than you would with much cheaper spa pools.

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Your Pool, Your Rules

Almost everything in the Limelight range can be customised to your heart's desire. With several cabinet and shell finishes to mix and match, you can start by creating the perfect look. 

After that, take a look through the optional accessories to create the perfect hub for entertaining. These include speaker systems, side enhancements like handrails and steps, and more. 

Easy, Effective Water Care

To enjoy a truly luxurious soak, water quality can’t be overlooked. Thankfully, the Limelight collection takes care of it for you. Equipped with some of our most cutting-edge water care technologies, units in the Limelight collection can easily keep your water pristine with only minimal direct maintenance.

For instance, the SilentFlo 5000 circulation system and no-bypass filtration system work in tandem to remove dirt and debris from your hot tub, constantly and quietly. 

You can also opt to add the FreshWater Salt System™, which naturally generates chlorine to keep your water sparkling clean and ready to use year round, while helping cut down on the use of harsh chemicals.

Hot tub opulence, contemporary Canberra style

The Limelight collection is designed for those who believe that a soak in a hot tub is an experience better shared. Step into the Limelight and you'll be met by generous dimensions, high-end hydrotherapy, and an atmosphere that, with the help of lights and sounds, can be adjusted from peaceful to party. The clean lines and minimalist designs of our Limelight hot tubs help them to work within and elevate any Canberra backyard in which they're placed. Clever water care technology helps to minimise the work, while expertly designed arrays of hydromassage jets maximise fun and relaxation.