Introducing the X-Series, a range of swim spas that offer the perfect mix of invigorating swim-in-place fitness, relaxing spa hydromassage, beautiful aesthetics, and unmatched durability. 

Created to go beyond your expectations, the X-Series exists to redefine the possibilities of fitness and relaxation at home. Contact us for expert guidance on finding the perfect pool for you and your space, or read more below to dive into the spectacular world of the X-Series.

Incredible Swim-In-Place Experience

The X-Series collection of swim spas offers one of the most unique and incredible swimming experiences possible. The X-Series swim-in-place system creates a current with advanced resistance and minimal turbulence, using a four-jet configuration centred around the pioneering River Jet. 

No distracting bubbles, just immerse yourself in a seamless, smooth current, and enjoy the low-impact, full-body exercise experience of endless swimming.

Contemporary Elegance

Sophistication and functionality comes together in the sleek design showcased across the X-Series collection of swim spas. Clean lines and a modern exterior help these units fit perfectly into your outdoor space, as a stylish centrepiece for any aesthetic.

Transform your backyard into a perfect place to exercise, relax, or even entertain, with a sophisticated swim spa that can fill any role you need it to.

Ultimate Hydrotherapy Relaxation

After your exhilarating workout, you’ll be able to luxuriate in the X-Series' hydromassage spa jets. These hydrotherapy jets use four distinct nozzle types to deliver a relaxing, comprehensive massage. 

A jet massage is fantastic for warming up and cooling down before or after a workout, and also perfect for simply relaxing whenever you’d like. This versatility is truly what makes these swim spas so sought after. You don’t need to settle for fitness or relaxation—choose both with the X-Series.

Crafted with Precision

The X-Series swim spas are constructed to fulfil our commitment to high-quality construction and long-lasting investment. Built atop a robust 2mm steel frame and ABS base pan, these swim spas have exceptional stability, and a greatly prolonged lifespan as compared to similar products. 

The X-Series aims to not only withstand the test of time, but flourish thanks to powerful jets and a current generation system that you can rely on to remain powerful and consistent for years.