Modular Pools

Get away from the hustle and bustle, and create your very own aquatic haven right in the privacy of your backyard with Modular Pools. 

Modular Pools, also known as mod pools or prefab pools, offer the ultimate swimming solution for home. They can easily transform your outdoor space into a place you can enjoy endless fitness, leisure, and family bonding. Contact us to learn more and take the first step towards creating a perfect aquatic sanctuary for embracing your wellbeing and creating unforgettable memories.

A Versatile Swimming Solution

Modular Pools are named for their adaptable installation options, as they can seamlessly fit into both above-ground and in-ground settings, granting you the flexibility to choose the pool type that works best for your goals and your space.

Compact in design but bursting with features, our Modular Pools are also equipped with robust jets that generate a powerful swim-in-place current. This functionality allows for uninterrupted swimming against gentle, uniform resistance, giving you all the benefits of a traditional lap pool in a much more space-efficient package.

Advantages That Redefine Home Swimming

Smaller Footprint: Modular lap pools allow you to make swimming a reality, even in a smaller backyard. Because these pools are exceptional at making use of space, you’ll enjoy both a small exterior footprint, and an ample interior.

Easy Setup: Unlike conventional pools that require months of construction, Modular Pools are put together with prefabricated components for quick and hassle-free installation. This means you can enjoy the benefits of your new pool without needing to wait for any additional earthworks or other long construction processes.

Flexibility Redefined: Self-contained units are perfect for a wide range of different locations, because they allow you to choose between above-ground or in-ground configurations. 

Incredibly Efficient: All our pools are very energy efficient, including our modular offerings. This helps mitigate operating costs while also contributing to a greener tomorrow, thanks to a range of clever features designed to make our pools a sustainable and eco-friendly investment in your property.

The Benefits of Modular Pools

Compact: Many people who think they won’t be able to fit a pool in their outdoor area find that our modular lap pools fit where traditional pools can't. By cleverly making the most of limited space modular pools only need a few square metres. 

Quick: Unlike traditional swimming pools which can take months to build and then install, the prefabricated components used in modular pools make installation a breeze, and the entire process can usually be completed within only a few days.

Flexible: As self-supporting structures, these units can be installed both above-ground or in-ground, offering you the option to choose what works best for your space.

Affordable: Thanks to our smart energy saving systems, our modular pools are also extremely energy-efficient, keeping your running costs low.

Unforgettable Memories and Well-being

These pools aim to bring value to your home, but also to your physical and mental wellbeing—the most important thing you can invest in. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy massage, and endless aquatic fitness. Save on the gym by upgrading your lifestyle, so you can experience convenient, accessible relaxation and exercise at home.

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Compact outside, infinite inside

Many Canberra homeowners might be surprised to learn that they have enough room for an infinitely long backyard pool - one that you can swim in all day without ever hitting the end. Fastlane Modular Pools are clever backyard swimming pools that might seem compact from the outside, but that are quite the opposite on the inside. Fitted with a powerful current generation system, these pools create a swim-in-place experience that means you'll never need to turn around! Compact, cost-effective, customisable and simple to install, this pool places the open waters of Lake Burley Griffin - only warmer - right in your own backyard.